Noreen (Corry) Northrop was born in Glasgow, and started dancing at the Age of 3 with Frances Teece. Noreen and her family moved to England and spent the rest of her dancing career with the Grainger School of Irish dancing in Manchester. They traveled all over Ireland and Great Britain dancing in all of the major competitions. Noreen qualified every year for the World Irish Championships and the last time was placed in the top 10 of her age group.

In 1997 Noreen and her husband Ian brought their young family to live in Kansas. Noreen was homesick and was looking for a connection to home and started the academy in 2001. Noreen is studying under Cumann Rince Naisiunta to take her teaching exam. This is only our second year with CRN and we are learning all the time. In May this year Noreen took 7 of her dancers to Dublin for the Irish Open and 3 of them came home with awards.